Adaptation of color names with code numbers

Adaptation of color names with code numbers

Since it is not always possible to find the right translation of color shades, we have improved our system a bit and hope you like it. As a result, the search for a color can now be better used.

On each product page and at the bottom of the page you will find our current color palette. Not all colors are listed in these pictures. For special colors we can not provide a color palette and are therefore not directly visible.

If you have found the desired color and want to search, you can now also use our search function and all articles with this color will be listed. To use the search by color number, enter the following in the search field:
FCLG650 for e.g. Peach or FCLG430 for e.g. Salmon (Lachs), it is important that you enter "FCLG" directly in front of the number.

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