New category Gift Certificates / Gift Cards

New category Gift Certificates / Gift Cards

From today we would like to present you our new category:
Gift certificates / gift cards.

With this new option, you can now not only receive gifts by sending your wishlists to friends, now you can also do so with gift vouchers.

With these coupon items the prices can be determined by yourself. You can enter a price between 5 to 250 € (only full values, decimal places are not accepted - example 37 € ok, 37.45 € not ok). At present it is not technically possible that the vouchers include the shipping price in use. The shipping costs have to be paid additionally.

You can send our gift vouchers as a gift, so send them directly to another person by email when the payment is received. Optionally, you can have a message sent to the recipient.
If you are registered, you will find your purchased vouchers in your customer account, as long as they have not yet been sent to friends. You can send these coupon cards from your customer account to other persons.

We will occasionally add more variations of images for different occasions.

Payments of vouchers or the balance of a purchased voucher is not possible!

We would like to point out that no PDF file will be sent (only the picture and the coupon code and the voucher value). If you wish, we create from your vouchers seprat, manually a PDF file, which we then send to you or the recipient. The processing time for creating the PDF file is approximately 1-2 working days.

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