Lady Dees Traumgarne

Our product range

We export the beautiful gradient yarn of Lady Dee's Traumgarne from Germany. We also offer the basic colors of the coloring yarns as well as the new creation of Lady Dees Zauberei.

Color spreading yarns

Wool and yarn with color gradation are described under various names and terms, e.g. Dyeing yarns, coloring yarn, progressing wool, coloring yarn or yarns. Beautiful coloring yarn, crochet yarn, knitting yarn for you.

Our offered coloring yarn from Lady Dee and Knopfoase are all hand-wound. Through the winding of this coloring wool you can start the bobbins both from the outside as well as from the inside in order to implement your knitting & crochet projects.

The color changes of the gradient wool always take place fluently. This results in small nodules, which are barely visible and are not noticeable in the finished project.