wish winding 2 threads

Brand: Lady Dees Traumgarne

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Lady Dee's - Wish winding

Fiber Content: 50% cotton 50% polyacrylic.

Needle thickness (Germany) approx. 3

Please select the desired weight for your Bobbel. Please enter the desired colors in the "Product Customization" tab and click "Save" before adding the item to the shopping cart.

Please note:
The desired windings are prepared only after receipt of payment. Therefore, the delivery time may be delayed.
Desired windings are custom-made. Therefore, they cannot be exchanged or returned.

Weight per SkeinLength per Skein
39g/1.375oz 300m/328yd
52g/1.384oz 400m/437yd
65g/2.292oz 500m/546yd
78g/2.751oz 600m/656yd
91g/3.209oz 700m/765yd
104g/3.688oz 800m/874yd
117g/4.127oz 900m/984yd
130g/4.585oz 1000m/1093yd
143g/5.044oz 1100m/1202yd
156g/5.502oz 1200m/1312yd
169g/5.961oz 1300m/1421yd
182g/6.419oz 1400m/1531yd
195g/6.874oz 1500m/1640yd
208g/7.336oz 1600m/1749yd
221g/7.795oz 1700m/1859yd
234g/8.254oz 1800m/1968yd
247g/8.712oz 1900m/2077yd
260g/9.171oz 2000m/2187yd
273g/9.629oz 2100m/2296yd
286g/10.088oz 2200m/2405yd
299g/40.546oz 2300m/2515yd
312g/11.005oz 2400m/2624yd
325g/11.464oz 2500m/2734yd
338g/11.922oz 2600m/2843yd
351g/12.381oz 2700m/2952yd
364g/12.839oz 2800m/3062yd
377g/13.298oz 2900m/3171yd
390g/13.756oz 3000m/3280yd
403g/14.215oz 3100m/3390yd
416g/14.673oz 3200m/3499yd
429g/15.132oz 3300m/3608yd
442g/15.591oz 3400m/3718yd
455g/16.049oz 3500m/3827yd
468g/16.508oz 3600m/3937yd
481g/16.966oz 3700m/4046yd
494g/17.425oz 3800m/4155yd

The lace yarns can be knitted with a needle thickness of your choice. This Bobbels are suitable for hole knitting. The larger the needle, the looser the knitted project becomes. The gradient yarns can be begun both from the outside and the inside. The color grading yarns are combined with minicots in the color sequences and can be processed very well in your factories. The small nodes are hardly visible in the finished project. The colorful yarn cake you'll be able to knit and crochet shawls, sweater, childrenswear, stylish accessories and many more. Our color changing yarn cake are so pretty.
Made in Germany.

100m / 1,09 € without tax

Care instructions:

Care instructions:

Please note:

- the displayed colors may deviate from the original color due to the screen display,
- the projects finished in the preview images are only a processing example and are not included in the scope of delivery
- the pendant in the middle of the Bobbel can differ, here there are no fixed figures, it serves as a reference to the beginning of the thread in the center of the ball

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needle sizes
Crochet hook size table
metric british alphabetical numeric bamboo thickness
Germany Canada, England USA USA Japan
10 steel 1.0 mm
1.25 mm 16 8 steel 000 1.25 mm
1.5 mm 15 7 steel 00 1.5 mm
1.75 mm 14 5 steel 1.75 mm
2 mm 0 2.0 mm
0 2.1 mm
2.25 mm 13 B 1 2.25 mm
1 2.4 mm
2.5 mm 12 1 1/2 2.5 mm
2 2.7 mm
2.75 mm C 2 2.75 mm
3 mm 11 2 1/2 3 3.0 mm
10 D 3 3.25 mm
4 3.3 mm
3.5 mm E 4 3.5 mm
5 3.6 mm
9 F 5 3.75 mm
6 3.9 mm
4 mm 8 G 4.0 mm
7 4.2 mm
6 4.25 mm
4.5 mm 7 7 8 4.5 mm
9 4.8 mm
5 mm 6 H 8 5.0 mm
10 5.1 mm
11 5.4 mm
5.5 mm 5 I 9 5.5 mm
12 5.7 mm
6 mm 4 J 10 13 6.0 mm
14 6.3 mm
6.5 mm 3 K 10 1/2 6.5 mm
15 6.6 mm
7 mm 2 7 mm 7.0 mm
1 7.5 mm
8 mm 0 L 11 8 mm 8.0 mm
9 mm 00 M 13 9 mm 9.0 mm
10 mm 000 N 15 10 mm 10.0 mm
15 mm P, Q 15.0 mm
color palette

Our color range of lace yarns

Here you will find all standard colors from our range. Some colors are special colors and therefore can not be seen in the pictures. If you have found a desired color, you can also use it through our search function and all articles with that color will be listed. To use the search by color number, enter the following in the search field:
FCLG650 for e.g. Peach or FCLG430 for e.g. Salmon (Lachs), it is important that you enter "FCLG" directly in front of the number.

Please note that the colors displayed may differ from the original color due to the screen image.

color palette 1

color palette 2

color palette 3

color palette 4

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