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Customer works

Here we would like to show you a few processing examples. The pictures were provided by our customers.
Details about the object size, needle thickness, consumed material, etc. are not available to us and can not provide any information.

  • Geheime Wünsche Geheime Wünsche 3F (Secret wishes) - 3 ply gradient yarn, 3 colors: quartz, beige, taupe.

    Geheime Wünsche

  • Heiße Kirschen Heiße Kirschen (Hot cherries) - 4 ply gradient yarn, 8 colors: White, Pastel Pink, Baby Pink, Pink, Candy, Fuchsia, Brick, Raspberry

    Heiße Kirschen

  • Sanfter Blick Sanfter Blick (gentle glance) - 4 ply gradient yarn, 4 colors: concrete, baby pink, pastel pink, Beige.

    Sanfter Blick

  • Regenbogen Regenbogen (Rainbow) - 4 ply gradient yarn, 5 colors: pistachio, dragonfly, lavender, baby pink, Vanilla.


  • Lovely Roses Lovely Roses - 4 ply gradient yarn, 6 colors: cherry, raspberry, fuchsia, candy, frog green, Apple green.

    Lovely Roses

  • Gräser im Wind Gräser im Wind (Grasses in the wind) - 4 ply gradient yarn, 5 colors: Cream, pea, leaf green, frog green, khaki.

    Gräser im Wind

  • Schokokuss mit Glitzer Schokokuss (Chocolate kiss) with Glitter - 4 ply gradient yarn, 4 colors: chocolate, brown, Mocha.

    Schokokuss mit Glitzer

  • Elfenzauber Elfenzauber (The magic of the elves) - 4 ply gradient yarn, 4 colors: Mud, gravel, rosewood, granite.


  • Harlekin Harlekin (Harlequin) - 4 ply gradient yarn, 4 colors: sea blue, capri, cherry, Mango.


  • Winterwonderland Winterwonderland - White inside and outside - 4 ply gradient yarn, 8 colors: White, Light Blue, Dragonfly, Aqua, Lavender, Aqua, Light Blue, White


  • Best Time of Year Best Time of Year - 4 ply gradient yarn, 7 colors: mango, orange, cherry, burgundy, chianti, chocolate and a white flame thread (runs through the whole Bobbel).

    Best Time of Year

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